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A66 Miracle Mist 750ml

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- For a showroom shine! Mist on and wipe off prior to customer delivery.
- Body shop safe
- Removes surface dust and dirt
- Provides a slick high gloss, wet-look finish without removing any previously applied protectant
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A66 Miracle Mist works fast and easy on all painted surfaces, clearcoat, plastic, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber trim. This exclusive formula will safely remove dust, mild road grime, fingerprints and water spots. Perfect for spot washing or complete vehicle washing without water. A66 Miracle Mist leaves a "wet look" shine. Body shop recommended. Contains no wax. Anti-static and anti-streak. Non-abrasive and non-silicone Directions: Shake well. Avoid spraying on hot surfaces. Spray mist onto small area. Rub into surface using a soft clean terry cloth. Turn cloth over and buff to a high gloss. Distributor: Dilute concentrate 20:1 with water. End User: Product is ready for use

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