A67 Jade black Trim dress

A67 Black Trim dress 300ml

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- Innovative water-based dressing
- High gloss and wash off resistant finish
- Use on tires, rubber molding, trim & bumper.
- Non-toxic and non-flammable.
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A67 JADE BLACK TRIM DRESS is an exterior black plastic and vinyl trim restorer. A67 Jade Black Trim Dress is not a ceramic coating technology, but instead uses a silicone-free polymer resin to produce a very durable, protective finish that instantly revives oxidized and faded trim back to a deep, dark color. Revived finish lasts greater than 6 months. Directions: Shake well and drip product onto an applicator sponge or microfiber towel and wipe onto the surface to be protected. Allow the product to penetrate for several minutes and then wipe off any excess material using a fresh microfiber towel. Repeat application if at all necessary to obtain desired effect.

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