D18 Snow Foam

D18 Snow Foam 5L

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- Brilliant white, snowy foam
- High vertical cling properties
- Thick foaming for excellent coverage
- Highly concentrated ? uses 30 to 60 ml per car
- Touchless; agitate only if needed
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D18 SNOW FOAM is a high foaming blend of multiple detergents that break through road film and carbon, leaves paint and glass clean and shining. Completely safe on all paint types, will not strip wax. Non-phosphate, biodegradeable, alkaline solution. Directions: Use with foamer attached to a 1 liter container, add 120 ml D18 and 880 ml water. Gently shake the bottle to mix it well, for consistent results. Apply to cool surfaces only. Foam entire vehicle and let dwell for 3-5 minutes, depending on soil conditions. Power rinse with high pressure spray. Do not let foam dry on surface.

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